Should we buy tickets in advance?

Yes, you’ll be able to avoid standing in a lengthy ticket purchase line by purchasing in advance. You’ll also receive festival updates prior to the event, which might include parking and shuttle information.

How long are the Day Sails?

Day Sails are approximately 90 minutes in length.

Do small children and infants need to purchase tickets?

With the exception of Day Sails, kids 4 and under do not require a ticket. ALL PASSENGERS on Day Sails require a ticket.

Can we buy tickets at the gate the day of the event?

We encourage people to purchase tickets in advance so they can go directly to the ticket gate and not have to wait in line to purchase tickets first. There is NO guarantee that any certain type of ticket will be available at the gate for purchase. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Patrons should plan accordingly. Day Sail tickets are popular and limited and have a tendency to sell-out well in advance of the actual event. Please plan accordingly.

Is there a ticket limit?

No, there is not a ticket limit, but 10 is the maximum number of tickets available per transaction.

Can you explain non-transferable?

A ticket is for one person only and must be retained by that person. Tickets cannot be transferred to another individual.

Are strollers permitted on ships and Day Sails?

No. Strollers are allowed in the event but not aboard the ships.

Are wheelchairs permitted on ships and Day Sails?

No, ships have limited accessibility to those with physical disabilities. Customers boarding ships must walk up a gangplank.

Are food, beverages, or coolers allowed into festival grounds or on-board the ships?

No coolers, cans, bottles or beverages are allowed into the Festival grounds. Exception: special food related to a health or medical condition, and food for feeding a baby. All items are subject to search prior to entrance.

Are costumes allowed?

Yes, patrons may wear costumes, but weapons (even plastic replicas) are not permitted.

Are dogs allowed?

Service Dogs will be permitted into the Festival grounds, but pets will not.

Are backpacks allowed into the festival grounds?

No backpacks are allowed in to the festival. Purses, diaper and camera bags will be subject to inspection at the entrance gates.

Are cameras and video recorders allowed?

Non-commercial photography and video is allowed. Commercial and media photographers should contact [email protected].

Will the ships be sailing in close to shore to be viewed from land as they make their way to Sandusky?

Each ship sets their own course based on many factors and we cannot predict if they will be visible or not.

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